Mesh Networks, Communications Emergency Response

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Author(s) Henry Zarate Ceballos | Jorge Eduardo Ortiz Triviño
Pages 509-514
Volume 2
Issue 2
Date March, 2012
Keywords Mesh Network, services, redundancy, emergency.

Maintain communications in emergency situations greatly facilitates decision making at critical times, the situations are not limited to natural disasters are also included terrorist attacks and the crowds of people, these situations require resources and access to information immediately and efficiently, excessive traffic, the number of users are collapsing systems (if they exist in the place), as an integrated solution of communication have developed wireless mesh networks (WMN-English acronym), which also provide redundancy, interoperability and access to services over IP, network capacity to generate a portable MAN momentarily, while conducting search and rescue activities, population censuses and others. Becoming an efficient solution within the limits of ad hoc networks and wireless networks.

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