A Review of Architectures - Intel Single Core, Intel Dual Core and AMD Dual Core Processors and the Benefits

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Author(s) A.I. Fasiku | J. B. Olawale | O. T. Jinadu
Pages 809-817
Volume 2
Issue 5
Date May, 2012
Keywords Computer Architectures, Single and Multicore Processors


Computer architectures are approaching physical and technological barriers which make increasing the speed of a single core exceedingly difficult and economically infeasible. As a result, hardware architects have begun to design microprocessors with multiple processing cores that operate independently and share the same address space. However, increasing the number of cores on a single chip, generate a lot of challenges that arises with memory and cache coherence as well as communication between the cores. AMD and Intel have found solution to this problem by redesigning the processor architecture differently by putting multiple CPU cores on a chip. This paper describes the architecture of single core and Multi core processor technology.

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