User Requirements for Selecting Collaborative Technologies for Academics: Case Study of Loughborough University, UK

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Author(s) Mohammed Alhassan Enagi
Pages 1901-1907
Volume 2
Issue 11
Date November, 2012
Keywords Collaboration, Technologies, eLearning and collocated


This study identifies a sample of academics from Loughborough University who collaborate as part of their research and teaching activities, and explores their use of technologies in supporting their collaborative activities. Seventeen academics were interviewed to capture their opinions and experiences, as relate to the aims and objectives of this study. Documentary evidence, such as spreadsheets of technology requirements, provided by the eLearning Centre at Loughborough University and archived materials, such as emails, provided by the research participants formed part of the data gathering and analysis. The findings of this study reveal that, academics at Loughborough University are involved in a variety of collaborative activities at an international level and they use a range of technologies to support those activities. In addition, this study revealed that user requirements vary across individuals and groups, based on the nature of their collaborative activities.

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