Thermal Insulating Concrete Tiles

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Author(s) Sarkawt.A. Saeed | Shler.S. Qadir | Ryadh .H. Shaan
Pages 1877-1880
Volume 2
Issue 11
Date November, 2012
Keywords Concrete tiles, Terrazzo tiles, Thermal insulating, power saving


This Paper studies the shape of high-thermal insulating concrete tiles used for roof tiling. The theoretical part consists of a comparison between this invented tiles and ordinary terrazzo tiles. The analysis depends on the values of thermal conductivity of the material used. The results showed that when these tiles are used for roof tiling, the temperature difference between the outside of roof surface and the inside room can be reduced about six times compared with the use of ordinary terrazzo tiles. In addition, these specimens were fabricated and tested for rupture and absorption tests. The test results showed that, they had a good resistance to the applied test loads, and high resistance to water absorption. The authors believe that, the results are remarkable, highly applicable and should be taken into consideration in building constructions.

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