Development of Crypto-Biometric E-Banking System

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Author(s) A.O. Afolabi | Adigun A.A
Pages 1893-1900
Volume 2
Issue 11
Date November, 2012
Keywords Biometrics, Encryption, E-banking


The Internet has played a key role in changing how we interact with other people and how we do business today. As a result of the Internet, electronic commerce has emerged, allowing businesses to more effectively interact with their customers and other corporations inside and outside their industries. One industry that is using this new communication channel to reach its customers is the banking industry. The challenges that oppose electronic banking are the concerns of security and privacy of information. It is not enough for an e-banking system to just provide information to their customers but to provide it to the right customers and at the right time. This project focuses on developing a secured e-banking system using encryption and face recognition as the two levels of security mechanism since the username and password security mechanism are easily breached by mere guess work. This E-banking system was designed using MATLAB as well as face recognition and encryption.

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