The Role of Open Web Standards for Website Development Adhering to the One Web Vision

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Author(s) Serena Pastore
Pages 1824-1834
Volume 2
Issue 11
Date November, 2012
Keywords Concrete tiles, Terrazzo tiles, Thermal insulating, power saving


Information dissemination is essential for every organization that needs to increase its visibility. This is valid for educational or research institutes and businesses. Websites are actually the usual way to promote information considering that modern websites are web-based systems composed by several software layers implementing different functionalities. Nowadays, a plethora of web –based content management systems (WCMs), commercial and open-source, provide similar capabilities. The paper highlights the trends in modern website development considering actual open web standards and the particular features of the mobile framework. Approaches include responsive web design techniques and custom mobile sites. Web content should be accessible everywhere, anytime and with whatever devices, which means it should be visualized and processed in the same way regardless of the type of device used, the physical location of the user, and the communication network used at the time. Mobile users’ behavior has a great influence on website development, but open web standards should be adopted in web design to ensure a long-term growth towards the era of the Future Internet.

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