Achieving Access to Knowledge through E-Learning: A Case Study

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Author(s) Christian A. Bolu | Ikechukwu C. Ifeanacho
Pages 1780-1785
Volume 2
Issue 10
Date October, 2012
Keywords E-learning, journals articles, academic publications ,e-learning portal


More and more scholars are turning to the Internet to find scientific information and academic institutions are devoting more and more resources to improving their presence on the web. E-learning programs and open access initiatives allow knowledge of these institutions to spread beyond physical boundaries. The Web can hence be used as a way to attract students, scholars and funding from other places, spreading the prestige of these educational institutions all over the world. This has provoked competition between universities to achieve an advantageous visibility on the Web and to improve their position in search engine results. This paper examines ongoing e-learning effort globally to enhance access to knowledge. In particular the role of University of Nigeria is playing in the promotion of access to knowledge is discussed. In line with their Information and Communication Technology Programme, the University has created an Internet repository of over 20,000 documents such as theses, journals articles and academic publications as well as a vibrant e-learning portal.

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