An Inverse Kinematic Analysis of a Robotic Sealer

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Author(s) Akinola A. Adeniyi | Abubakar Mohammed | Aladeniyi Kehinde
Pages 1717-1722
Volume 2
Issue 10
Date October, 2012
Keywords Forward Kinematics, Inverse Kinematics, Robotics, Sealer.


A planar robotic sealing or brand stamping machine is presented for an automated factory line. The appropriate time to seal or to stamp an object is basically determined by a motor controller which relies critically on whether or not the object is in the best position. The extent of protraction and retraction of the piston head is largely dictated by an infrared sensor. Given the extent to protract or retract the piston head, the angular displacements of the link required are determined using the Inverse Kinematic (IK) techniques. The inertia and gravity effects of the links have been ignored to reduce the complexity of the equations and to demonstrate the technique.

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