Finite Element Modeling of Cylindrical Projectile Impact on Aluminum Plate

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Author(s) Basim M. Fadhil
Pages 1631-1638
Volume 2
Issue 9
Date September, 2012
Keywords Impac, Finite Element, Ballistic Limit


The subject of this study is to investigate the impact of cylindrical steel projectiles on aluminum plates using 3D –finite element modeling and compare the results with experimental and analytical ones. The model allows the determination of the residual velocities of projectile and the absorbed energies by the aluminum plate during impact event. Three different plate thicknesses and five different obliquity angles have been employed. It has been found that the target thickness and the obliquity angle play an important role on the behavior of the target and the residual velocities of the projectile. Good correlation has been found with analytical and experimental results.

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