Innovative MEMS Voltage-to-Frequency Converter using Cascaded Transducers

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Author(s) Amir J. Majid
Pages 1639-1643
Volume 2
Issue 9
Date September, 2012
Keywords MEMS, sensors, actuators, transducers, v/f


Voltage-to-frequency (v/f) is often used in communication applications such as tuning circuits and FM systems. With the wide range of Tx/Rx IC devices used in wireless telemetry, as well as the shrinkage of their sizes; a MEMS v/f converter is proposed by implementing multi-stage MEMS sensors and actuators of different types, such as voltage-to-force, force-to-pressure, pressure-to-capacitance and an appropriate capacitance tunable circuit to generate a pulse train of frequency.

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