Investigation on the Material Removal Mechanism and the Thermal Aspects in the Electrical Discharge Machining Process

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Author(s) Jagdeep Singh | Vinod Kumar
Pages 1503-1507
Volume 2
Issue 9
Date September, 2012
Keywords EDM, Sparking, Dielectric, MRR, Erosion, Discharge


The aim of this paper is to study the Electro discharge machining process. EDM has been an important manufacturing process for the tool, mould, and dies industries for several decades. The process is finding an increasing industrial use owing to its ability to produce geometrically complex shapes as well as its ability to machine hard materials that are extremely difficult using conventional processes. Further, in spite of the recent technical advancement, the conventional machining processes are inadequate to produce complex geometries shapes in hard and temperature resistant alloy and die steels. Keeping these requirements in mind, EDM a non conventional machining methods have been developed. The current study defines operating principles as discharging sparks, vapour, and erosion processes using heat energy to process parts.

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