Estimation of Bed Load Transport in River Omi, South Western Nigeria using Grain Size Distribution Data

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Author(s) A.A. Adegbola | O. S. Olaniyan
Pages 1587-1592
Volume 2
Issue 9
Date September, 2012
Keywords bed load, sediment load, sieve analysis, transport, river omi


Representative bed material samples were taken from the two gauging sites on rivers omi for sieve analysis to obtain the grain size distribution of its bed materials. The analyses of the grain size distribution showed that the bed load accounted for 9% of the total estimated suspended sediment load of 1,703, 548.113 kg/annum in river omi. River omi bed material had a geometric mean particle size, D50, of 0.4 mm. The river transported bed material of larger diameter downstream with higher mean diameter D50 of 0.60 mm. It is recommended that 9% of the total suspended load should be adopted as bed load estimate for sedimentation studies in similar river from south-western region of Nigeria.

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