Evaluation of Group-Contribution Methods to Estimate Vegetable Oils and Biodiesel Properties

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Author(s) E. G. Lima Neto | G. P. Silva | G. F. Silva
Pages 1600-1605
Volume 2
Issue 9
Date September, 2012
Keywords Estimation, group-contribution, properties, biodiesel


Knowing the phase equilibrium has fundamental importance on mixture separation; and physical and thermodynamic properties of the compounds underlie that equilibrium. Estimation methods are supposed to be a powerful skill for predicting physical and thermodynamic properties of the involved compounds, not only because the large number of properties that can be predicted (vapor pressure, boiling point, melting point, critical properties, etc) but also due to the low deviation to experimental measure. This work focuses the prediction of some properties of organic substances present in vegetable oils and in the biodiesel of these oils through group-contribution methods and empiric relations. Estimations were compared to data available on literature and experimental data. This comparison shows satisfactory deviation for application on engineering problems.

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