Design of Refractive Index on the Basis of Desired Bend Loss, Propagation Mode and Dispersion in the W-Type Optical Fiber

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Author(s) Kambiz.Noormohamady
Pages 420-426
Volume 3
Issue 4
Date April, 2013
Keywords W-type optical fiber, bend loss, leakage loss, dispersion


Bend loss, propagation mode and dispersion are important factors in manufacture and use of optical fiber. These factors are function of refractive index and radiuses of core and clads. In this paper will be presented a new approach to determining of refractive index of core and clads on the basis of desired bending loss, propagation mode and dispersion in the interval 1250-1550 nm, and showing that each refractive index corresponds to sellmeier equation therefore designed fiber will be realized.

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