Development of a GSM based Control System for Electrical Appliances

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Author(s) Oke A. O. | Emuoyibofarhe J. O. | Adetunji A. B.
Pages 443-448
Volume 3
Issue 4
Date April, 2013
Keywords GSM, Microcontroller, Smart Home, Electrical appliances, MPLAB software and Switch


This paper presents the development and implementation of a Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) based control system for electrical appliances that enables the complete control of the interface on which it is based. GSM module was used for receiving short message service (SMS) from user’s mobile phone that automatically enable the controller to take further action like switching ON and OFF electrical appliances such as fan, air- conditioner, light etc. The system was integrated with microcontroller and GSM network interface using C language. MPLAB software was utilized to accomplish the integration. The system is activated when user sends the SMS to the controller at home (regarded as Smart Home). Upon receiving the SMS command, the microcontroller unit then automatically controls the electrical appliances by switching ON or OFF the device according to the user’s order. In other word, it reads message from the mobile phone and respond to control the devices according to the received message.

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