Conceptual Modelling of Information Exchange Network for Nigeria Deregulated Electricity Market using Object-Oriented Approach

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Author(s) Joseph O. Dada
Pages 449-463
Volume 3
Issue 4
Date April, 2013
Keywords Deregulated Electricity Market, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Information Exchange Network; Universal Modelling Language, Nigeria.


Nigeria government has taken a major step towards the deregulation of her electricity power sector by separating the competitive segments from the naturally monopolistic segment. The unbundling of the vertically integrated system will require information exchange between the various organizations that will be involved in the network and market operations not only to maintain the integrity and reliability of the whole power system, but also for settlement purposes. However, it is not yet clear when the information infrastructure will be put in place. Here we present a conceptual model of the information exchange network for the deregulated electricity market using object-oriented approach. The paper presents the requirement, analysis and design models of the information network. The presented models make use of Unified Modelling Language (UML). Using object-oriented approach will enable the information network infrastructure to meet the requirements of flexibility, expandability, maintenance and data integrity that are very important for such new and evolving market. It is hoped that the presented information exchange model will serve as a good starting point for the development of information exchange network infrastructure for the electricity market operations in Nigeria

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