Investigation of the Compressive Strengths of Commercial Sandcrete Blocks in Calabar Nigeria

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Author(s) D.E. Ewa | J.O. Ukpata
Pages 477-482
Volume 3
Issue 4
Date April, 2013
Keywords Sandcrete blocks, compressive strength, aggregates, curing.


The study investigates the compressive strength properties of sandcrete blocks produced within the Calabar metropolis. Ten blocks moulding sites were visited and twelve sandcrete blocks were randomly selected from each site, and cured for 3, 7, 14 and 28 days respectively. The aggregates used for the moulding of the blocks were also collected and their particle sizes analysed. The results show that the 28-day compressive strengths of sandcrete blocks produced in Calabar block industry range between 0.23N/mm2 and 0.58N/mm2. These are below the minimum requirements of 1.75N/mm2 by the Nigerian National Building Code (2006) for individual block, and 2.0N/mm2 by the British Standard for non-load bearing walls.

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