Performance Neuro-Fuzzy for Power System Fault Location

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Author(s) Azriyenni | M.W. Mustafa
Pages 497-501
Volume 3
Issue 4
Date April, 2013
Keywords circuit breaker, fault location,neuro fuzzy, power system, relay


This paper is proposed for power systems fault location using Neuron Fuzzy (NF). The NF consists of approaching architecture Neural Network and Fuzzy Sets. The Neural Network is being responsible for detecting faults involving a limited number of components. The fuzzy sets represented diagram consisting of three node, that are; node1 for the system components, and node 2 for relays, node 3 for the circuit breakers. The NF uses primary and backup information to protective devices and to set generate training . The NF can be retained and estimated effectively. The software was conducted to show the effectiveness of the proposed NF is tested by using 13 bus test system.

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