The Comparison between the Research and Calculation Results to the Amount of Ground Water Debit in Recharge Reservoir using Sand Columns

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Author(s) Akhmad Azis
Pages 773-776
Volume 3
Issue 8
Date August, 2013
Keywords Calculation Result, Groundwater, sand columns the standard procedures, including: SNI, ASTM, AASHTO.


The objective of this study was to identify the groundwater recharge difference between the research results and developed Darcy Formula results. This study was an experimental research carried out in the Soil Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering, Polytechnic State of Ujung Pandang. Two samples of soil, consisting of clay with low permeability and sand with high permeability, were applied as partition layer between reservoir and as sand columns material, respectively. When sand columns were used as the parameter, the variable studied was the hydraulic head difference, the height of sand the columns, the reservoir water level, and the amount and diameter of the sand columns. Research result indicated that, within all parameters, the debit obtained was larger than the calculation results. Despite the difference, the groundwater recharge resulted from both methods showed same direction. The debit increased along with the increasing Hydraulic head difference and the density of sand columns. Debit resulted from the research and from the calculation were strongly related because the determination coefficient was R2 = 0,998 or R = 0,999 (> 0,60 and approaching 1) with equation y = 1,028x.

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