Determination of Plate Efficiency of Rectification Column in Refinery Operations

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Author(s) A. Ujile | L. G. Amagbo
Pages 787-793
Volume 3
Issue 8
Date August, 2013
Keywords material balance, hydraulic calculations, energy balance, mass transfer, flooding


The determination of plate efficiency of rectification column for the separation of Bonny Light Crude Oil into its fractions was studied. The atmospheric distillation column of a typical Refinery (PHRC) was used in determining the efficiencies of the bubble-cap plate of the column. It was observed that the efficiency of the plates below the feed plate varies, but above the feed plate, it increases up the top of the column and was highest at top plate. The total number of ideal and actual plates was found to be 7. The Murphree equation for plate efficiency was used to determine the overall efficiency of the column with the aid of the McCabe-Thiele diagram to be 93.9 %. This work has shown the efficiency, reliability and integrity of the plant.

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