Evaluating Mass Transfer Processes for Groundwater Contaminants Flow Models in Yenagoa, Nigeria

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Author(s) Awajiogak Anthony Ujile
Pages 824-833
Volume 3
Issue 8
Date August, 2013
Keywords contaminants, spatial distribution, porous-media flow, reaction-diffusion


Principles of mass transfer have been applied to evaluate groundwater contaminants flow model in Yenagoa, Nigeria. The groundwater flow and solute transport, to determine the concentration profile of contaminants in groundwater flow was carried out. Applications of the model in Yenagoa to determine the concentration profile of contaminants show that the solution is unconditionally convergent and stable. The sensitivity analysis in form of MATHCAD matrix printout has shown that bulk soil density, decay rates, aquifer characteristics affect the behavior of the contaminants. This work shows the choice of applicable treatment method for groundwater contaminants.

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