Productivity Improvement by using Six-Sigma

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Author(s) Md. Enamul Kabir | S. M. Mahbubul Islam Boby | Mostafa Lutfi
Pages 1056-1084
Volume 3
Issue 12
Date December, 2013
Keywords improvement, sigma level, DMAIC cycle, 5S, supermarket, line balancing.


Globalization, advanced technology, and increased sophisticated customer demands change the way of conducting business. Old business models no longer work in new economy. Defects rate of product plays an important role for the improvement of yield and financial conditions of any company. The objectives of this paper are to study and evaluate processes of the case organization, to find out current sigma level and finally to improve existing sigma level through productivity improvement. According to the objectives, current sigma level has been calculated and given suggestions for improvement. This has been done by using six-sigma DMAIC cycle. Especially in improve phase of DMAIC cycle, different improvement tools are used like 5s, supermarket and line balancing etc. By using these it has been possible to improve productivity by reducing defect rate. This research work has been carried out in a fan manufacturing company to show how to improve its productivity and quality by using Six-sigma. This paper related to work is not only applied to fan manufacturing company but also in any other types of organizations. By implementing Six-sigma a perfect synchronization among cost, quality, production time and control time will be observed.

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