Evaluation of Inter – Area Available Transfer Capability of Nigeria 330KV Network

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Author(s) A. A. Sadiq | M. N. Nwohu
Pages 148-158
Volume 3
Issue 2
Date February, 2013
Keywords Available Transfer Capability, Grid, Transmission, Network, Inter-area, Violation, Limits


The radial topology of Nigeria Grid makes various part of the network prone to blackout and even system collapse on occurrences of line outage, hence the need for transmission network performance evaluation. Available Transfer Capability (ATC) is an index for transmission network performance. This paper presents a hybridized Continuation-Repeated power flow structure for ATC computation that provides a good approximate alternative to determine the maximum loadability. Single line outage (N – 1) criterion is used to simulate the effect of line outages on ATC values thereby identifying overloaded transmission facility.

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