Experimental Study of the Effect of Foundation Shape on Settlement and Bearing Capacity of Soils

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Author(s) M. Alhassan | I. L. Boiko
Pages 108-118
Volume 3
Issue 2
Date February, 2013
Keywords Foundation shape; Subsoil base; Bearing capacity; Settlement; Load-settlement curve.


The paper presents pattern of load-settlement curves of four prototypes of shallow foundations with different vertical cross-sectional shapes on three different modeled subsoil conditions. Prototypes of shallow foundations with rectangular, wedge and T-shape vertical cross-sections were studied. The study generally shows that bulk of the load resistance of subsoil bases at the instance of shallow foundations with rectangular vertical cross-sectional shapes is mostly associated with the soil beneath the foundation base, while at the instances of those with wedge and T-shape vertical cross-sectional shape, both soil beneath the foundations’ bases and along their vertical stems, actively participates in the resistance of structural loads. This indicates that using foundations with wedge and T-shape vertical cross-section can help in mobilizing substantial mass of soil above the foundation base, to function not only as surcharge to the soil below the foundation base, but also in resisting loads, and therefore assisting in the distribution of structural loads to less dipper soil strata, especially when stronger soil layers is underlain by weaker ones.

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