Impact of Cloud, on Fixed Satellite Communication Links on Earth-Space-Path, at Ka, and V-Band in the Africa Continent

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Author(s) T.V. Omotosho | J.S Mandeep | Mardina Abdullah
Pages 11-20
Volume 3
Issue 1
Date January, 2013
Keywords Cloud attenuation, Total Cloud liquid water content, Ka and V-band, Satellite look angles, Satellite radiowave propagation


The impact of cloud at Ka (30/20GHz) and V (50/40GHz) uplink and downlink frquencies on earth space path for links to Nigerian Communication satellite-2 (NigComsat-II) placed on geostationary orbit slot: 0.00N, 42.500 E has been investigated for six climatic zones in Africa at 1% , 5% and 10% exceedances of an average year. This investigation is based on recent ITU-RP 840 (2009) and ITU-RP SG3 (2011) data base. The result shows that the impact of cloud at Ka and V bands is highly severe in tropical rain-forest (6.50N–6.50S, 11.50W–300E) and the Savannah Western Africa (8W0–120N, 11.50W–300E) climate zones. The estimated values at 1%, 5% and 10% exceedance worst case scenerio is between 1.77 dB to 9.41dB, 0.5 dB to 6.0dB, and 0.1 dB to 2.3dB at Ka and V bands, respectively. The results of cloud attenuation for the six climatic zones in Africa are presented.

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