Computer-Aided Design of Industrial Catalytic Reactor

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Author(s) Wordu, A .A | Igbonekwu, L.I
Pages 1-10
Volume 3
Issue 1
Date January, 2013
Keywords Computer-Aided Design, Complex Series-Parallel Reactions, Plug-flow Reactor, Naphtha-lump feed.


This research attempt to develop computer program used to monitor the complex series-parallel reaction process for the upgrading of 100 percent naphtha-lump feed in reactor design processes. The design equation developed, calculates the length of the tubular reactor required to obtain a specified conversion. The resulting solution yields the conversion profile, temperature profile and reactor residence-time as a function of tube length. The following functional parameter obtained; space-time, Space-velocity, length of the reactors, volume of the reactors, pressure effect and heat generated per unit volume of the reactors. Finally, the results obtained were benchmarked with industrial plant data, and they lies within the industrial model-constraints. Hence the design work meets the industrial reactor operating conditions.

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