Enhancing Community-Driven Initiative in Rainwater Harvesting in Nigeria

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Author(s) Otti V. I. | Ezenwaji E.E.
Pages 73-79
Volume 3
Issue 1
Date January, 2013
Keywords Rainwater, Harvesting, Coverage, enhancing, guttering, roof, dry and rainy seasons.


Water stakeholders are becoming increasingly worried about water scarcity as the population growth and climate change are likely to produce a drastic decline in the amount of water available per person in many part of developing world. Enhancing domestic Rainwater harvesting provides an additional source from which to meet local water needs. Rainwater harvesting provides full coverage in the wet season and partial coverage during the dry season as well as providing short – term security against the failure of other sources. Therefore, the paper presents domestic rainwater harvesting technology which reflects in the water policies of many developing countries like Nigeria, where it is now cited as a possible source of household water. Obviously, it is a better option where there had been shortage of drinking water at difficult terrain and other sources are extremely non – reliable. More so, collected data of mid – decade rainfall with corresponding graphs reflect the climate change in Nigeria.

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