Estimating CDMA Capacity and Performance in Mobile Network (A Statistical Approach)

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Author(s) Elechi P.| Biebuma J.J. | Elagauma P.
Pages 34-43
Volume 3
Issue 1
Date January, 2013
Keywords FDMA, CDMA, TDMA, Traffic and network


This paper presents the modelling of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) capacity and performance in mobile networks. CDMA due to its capacity advantage serves as a tool for in ensuring quality of service (qos) and proper network dimensioning. This is achieved by modelling telephone traffic using statistical approach to generate a CDMA blocking probability that is adapted into Erlang B formula for capacity calculations and matlab is used to model the blocking probability formula. The results showed that variation in network parameters affects CDMA capacity and performance and that CDMA has a huge capacity advantage over FDMA and TDMA.

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