The Role of Enterprise Architecture in Aligning Business and Information Technology in Organisations: Nigerian Government Investment on Information Technology

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Author(s) Mohammed Alhassan Enagi | Abraham Ochoche
Pages 59-65
Volume 3
Issue 1
Date January, 2013
Keywords Enterprise, Architecture, Alignment, Organisation.


This study focuses on the role of Enterprise Architecture in the alignment of business and IT in organisations particularly, IT investments by Nigerian government. The research will indentify several issues of misalignment of business and IT investments by Nigerian government; the roles of Enterprise Architecture will play in the implementation of IT in Nigerian governmental organisations; explore strategies in which Enterprise Architecture can support the successful alignment of business and IT and recommend strategies/model of aligning business and IT investments by Nigerian government. Nigerian government investment in IT and the society, agencies and citizens whom the IT investments are targeted for will be the research case study. Investigation has shown that most IT investments by Nigerian government have failed due to several reasons. The most prominent is the failure to adopt the use of enterprise architecture in the alignment of business and IT. It is a general concern of most organisations that invest in IT to ensure that they achieve the objectives of investment. The literature review revealed the gap in the adoption of Enterprise Architecture when organisations invest in IT.

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