Optimizing Energy Consumption in Industrial Plants through Effective Energy Monitoring & Targeting

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Author(s) Norbert EDOMAH. | GCGI, MSOE
Pages 702-705
Volume 3
Issue 7
Date July, 2013
Keywords Energy Efficiency, Energy Targeting, Energy Management, Energy Monitoring


Energy prices have risen to new heights, and supply interruptions are an issue for many industrial plants in Nigeria. Efficient use of energy and active management of energy demand are more important than ever. Electric and gas utilities are under constant pressure to reduce peak demands, and this affects their large industrial customers. Many large customers now have alternate sources of energy to choose from, and this further complicates the energy use equation. Hardware and software vendors are responding to these challenges by offering products that help end users manage and control energy use. This paper explores energy monitoring and targeting techniques, and shows how organizations can adopt an appropriate level of monitoring and targeting in a way which will help them to save energy and cut costs.

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