Modelling and Simulation of Glycol Dehydration Unit of a Natural Gas Plant

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Author(s) Akpa, Jackson Gunorubon | Igbagara, Princewill W
Pages 736-745
Volume 3
Issue 7
Date July, 2013
Keywords modeling, simulation, absorption unit, dehydration, natural gas, water content, Triethylene glycol.


Mathematical models for the prediction of water content, gas and solvent temperatures of the absorber of a natural gas glycol dehydration facility were developed. The models developed contain contributions from bulk and diffusion flows, however only the effect of diffusion on the process occurring in the absorber was studied. The developed models were second order partial differential equations. The Laplace transform technique was applied to obtain analytical solutions of the model equations. The models were validated using the plant data from an SPDC TEG unit in Gbaran Ubie, Bayelsa State. The results showed a reasonable agreement between the model predictions and industrial plant data. The model predicted the amount of water in the gas stream at the end of the absorption process very accurately with a deviation of 0%., the gas and solvent temperatures with deviations of 1.584% and 2.844% respectively. These results show that diffusion alone can be use to accurately model the absorption process. The effects of certain process variables such as residence time, gas inlet water content, mass and thermal Diffusivities of the gas on the performance of the absorber was studied

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