Nox Emission from Bi-Fuel Motorcycle

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Author(s) Zulkifli Abdul Majid | Rahmat Mohsin
Pages 773-778
Volume 3
Issue 7
Date July, 2013
Keywords Emission, Natural gas and Motorcycle.


The growth in population plus the growth in energy consumption per person have combined together to give dramatic increase in both air and water pollution problems. The automotive vehicles have been a significant contributor to air pollution on total mass basis. Emission of oxides of nitrogen from combustion devices is a topic of tremendous current discussion. The appearance of several recent reviews and conferences focusing on NOX attest to the widespread interest in this pollutant. The clean air act has created intensified interest on NOX control because of their aggressive program to achieve ambient air quality standards for ozone. As a respond to this matter a group of a researcher from Gas Technology Centre (GASTEG), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia have been conducting a study on the use of natural gas as a fuel for motorcycle. The first stage of the study has succeeded in converting a fuel system of a motorcycle from petrol to a compressed natural gas (CNG). A series of test on exhaust emission have been conducted and the result shows that natural gas fuelled motorcycle give zero emission on NOX compared to 6ppm to 9ppm for petrol fuelled motorcycle at an engine speed of 0 to 425rpm.

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