Issues in Solving Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window and its Variants using Meta heuristics - A Survey

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Author(s) Sandhya | Vijay Kumar
Pages 668-672
Volume 3
Issue 6
Date June, 2013
Keywords optimization, vehicle routing problem, time windows, meta heuristics


Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window (VRPTW) is an extension of classical Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). It is NP hard, combinatorial optimization problem. The optimization method helps in finding the solution that minimizes the total cost. Recent meta-heuristics like simulated annealing is not an efficient and effective technique to solve VRPTW. Several hybrid meta-heuristics were proposed but they are complex. Also, some real life problems cannot be modeled exactly as VRPTW, but it’s variant. In this paper, we present the issues related to meta heuristics in VRPTW and also highlights the remedies for future research.

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