Spectrum Compatibility Study of Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting System and the Microwave Radio Relay Links in the L-Band Using an Iterative Method

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Author(s) Hatem Mokhtari | Nadjim Merabtine | Mosleh M. Alharthi
Pages 679-685
Volume 3
Issue 6
Date June, 2013
Keywords Spectrum Compatibility, Coordination Distance, Interference, Radio wave Propagation, Protection Ratio


This paper studies the spectrum compatibility of Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting (T-DAB) and the microwave Radio Relay Links (RRL) in the L-Band. The two systems are using the L-Band but the systems characteristics should protect them from each other except for some cases. It is the intention of this paper to provide clear guidelines for full compatibility and therefore avoid mutual interference. The calculation of the coordination distance, that is the minimum tolerable distance between the two transmitter stations, is based upon ITU-R protection ratios and an iterative method that we attempt to detail in this paper.

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