Condition Monitoring of a Ship Board Centrifugal Pump using Parametric Approach

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Author(s) Ishiodu A. Anthony
Pages 653-660
Volume 3
Issue 6
Date June, 2013
Keywords condition monitoring, centrifugal pump, parametric approach


The centrifugal pump which consist of a stationary pump casing and an impeller has the main function of guiding the liquid from suction nozzle through the centre of the impeller to the discharge nozzle. In marine application, this pump, this pump is prone to total breakdown as a result of variation in parameters and excessive vibration. In this work, a detail examination of these parameters is carried out by way of condition monitoring. A two horse power centrifugal pump in shipboard application was used to actualize this work. The data for head, speed, discharge rate and pump efficiency were obtained at the range of 10.19-2.04, 2750-2500rpm, 27.38-15.11 and 5.0-1.5% respectively. A computer program named CEPPA written in C++ programming language was developed. The results show that the system should be run within the 5.0-1.5% efficiency.

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