Heat Transfer Analysis of Two Phase Closed Thermosyphon using Aqueous Solution of n-Butanol

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Author(s) M. Karthikeyan | S. Vaidyanathan | B. Sivaraman
Pages 661-667
Volume 3
Issue 6
Date June, 2013
Keywords Boiling heat transfer coefficient, Condensation heat transfer coefficient, Thermal resistance, Two phase closed thermosyphon


Two phase closed thermosyphon is proved to be a good heat transfer device. A large amount of heat is transferred from evaporator section to condenser section with relatively a small temperature difference. In this paper, the heat transfer of two phase closed thermosyphon is analysed experimentally with different inclinations and heat input. For this experiment, two copper thermosyphons of length 1000 mm, inner diameter 17 mm and outer diameter 19 mm are designed. Both are charged with 60 ml of working fluid with an evaporator length of 400 mm and condenser length of 450 mm. One thermosyphon is charged with de-ionized water (DI) and the other with aqueous solution of n-butanol. It is found that the heat transfer coefficient of aqueous solution of n-butanol is higher than that of de-ionized water.

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