Mobile Terminals’ Energy: A Survey of Battery Technologies and Energy Management Techniques

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Author(s) Oyewobi, S.S. | Onwuka, E.N. | Onumanyi, A.J
Pages 282-287
Volume 3
Issue 3
Date March, 2013
Keywords Battery, Dynamic Control, Power control, Step-wise, Base Station


In the last few years of the past decade, advancements in electronics technology have increasingly made electronic devices offer high performance with corresponding decrease in size of the electronic devices. However with this increase in performance and decrease in size of electronics devices there is an increase in demand for mobile devices’ battery to keep the device up for longer period in operation and standby times. Research has however shown that advancements in battery technology have not being in tandem with advancements in other fields of electronics. Therefore wherever battery technology fails, it is complemented by electronics and communication technologies. In this work; a survey of mobile terminal energy management techniques and battery technologies was carried out and Dynamic power control algorithm (DPCA) was proposed. Results from simulation showed that DPCA increased battery performance when compared with another power control technique in literature.

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