Evaluation of Air Quality in a Confined Poultry House

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Author(s) Oriola, K.O. | Alade A.O. | Adekala, O.S.
Pages 317-321
Volume 3
Issue 3
Date March, 2013
Keywords Poultry, Gaseous pollutants, Ammonia, Nitrous Oxide, Pollution, Mortality, Poultry House


Concentrations of Ammonia and Nitrous Oxide gasses in a closed poultry structure were determined and correlated with bird mortality rate in this study. The poultry house was demarcated into 3 and the 2 gaseous pollutants in each of the demarcation were monitored for three days and analyzed in a laboratory to determine the concentration of each of the pollutants in the house. The concentrations of Ammonia, (NH3), range between 0.60 and 9.99mg/m3 while the concentrations of Nitrous Oxide, (NO2), range between 9.82 and 25.00mg/m3. Average concentration distribution of NO2 is approximately three times the value of NH3 in all the 3 divisions and at the time of sampling. The source of the 2 gaseous pollutants is traceable to decomposition of poultry waste present in the pens. The mortality rate of birds in the sampling poultry ranges between 3 and 11, and this follow closely the distribution pattern of NH3 in the poultry house. It indicates well that the presence NH3, as pollutant in poultry system, is responsible for poor output.

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