Time Series Evaluation of Ozone Concentrations in Malaysia Based on Location of Monitoring Stations

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Author(s) Norrimi Rosaida Awang | Nor Azam Ramli | Nurul Izma Mohammed | Ahmad Shukri Yahaya
Pages 390-394
Volume 3
Issue 3
Date March, 2013
Keywords Background station, Exceedences, Ozone, Sub-urban, Time Series Plot, Urban


Over the last decade, ozone emerges as one of the main air pollutant of concern in Malaysia. Increasing in ozone precursor sources has been promoting the ozone production. The aim of this paper was to evaluate the trend and status of ozone concentration in Malaysia for 2009. Four different type of monitoring stations were selected to be evaluated in the study. Kajang was chosen to represent urban, Bakar Arang for sub urban, Seberang Perai for industrial, and Jerantut for background station. The result showed that, urban station demonstrated the highest ozone concentrations that up to 143 ppb, while Jerantut produced the lowest ozone concentration with average concentration around 28.44 ppb. Kajang also recorded the highest number MAAQG limit exceedences followed by Seberang Perai. Bakar Arang and Jerantut did not experience any exceedences during 2009.

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