Development of a Hovercraft Prototype

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Author(s) Okafor, B.E.
Pages 276-281
Volume 3
Issue 3
Date March, 2013
Keywords Hovercraft, Design, Performance, Functions, Parts.


The design and development of a hovercraft prototype with full hovercraft basic functions is reported. The design process is quite similar to that of boat and aircraft. In-depth research was carried out to determine the components of a hovercraft system and their basic functions; and in particular its principle of operation. Detailed design analysis was done to determine the size of component parts, quite in accordance with relevant standard requirements as applicable in the air cushion model. Test performance was carried out and the prototype was found to meet design expectations giving an air cushion of 0.5 inch. The test performance result gave an efficiency of 69% for the design. Further research is recommended to improve on the efficiency of the craft.

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