Manufacturing the 7000 Gear Train Mechanical Assembly

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Author(s) Kambiz Farahmand | Jose Victorino Marquez Grajales | Vahidhossein Khiabani
Pages 288-312
Volume 3
Issue 3
Date March, 2013
Keywords Six Sigma, Manufacturing, Process Mapping, Design of Experiments, Process Capability.


This study is based on the SIX SIGMA concept applied to the keyway fabrication method used in the shaft of a 7000 gear assembly. After several preliminary studies and design changes by the engineers, the operators continue with frequent changes of the machine setup and cutter types, generating different types of dimensions in the width of the keyway. Additional rework are also required since some keys cannot be assembled due to the incorrect size of the keyway. This additional set up and rework is adding significant cost to the project. The company has been designing, manufacturing and selling automatic doors since conception. The product range in automatic door industry includes: 1. Automatic Sliding Doors 2. Automatic Swinging Doors 3. Automatic Folding Doors 4. Revolving Doors (Security Revolving) 5. Service Windows 6. Presence and Motion Detection Systems 7. Controls and Operators to meet both Commercial and Industrial Applications 8. Automated People Mover (APM) Transit Doors and Vehicle Door Operators

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