Thermo Siphon Solar Water Heater

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Author(s) Basil Okafor
Pages 313-316
Volume 3
Issue 3
Date March, 2013
Keywords Water Heater; Thermo siphon; Insulation; Solar; Heat Gain.


A solar water heater using a thermo-siphon principle has been developed. Major components of the heater include: (i) a cold water tank, (ii) hot water storage tank, (iii) solar collector, and (iv) the circulation system. The tanks were made with gauge 16 galvanized steel. The hot water storage tank is insulated with 50mm thick fibre glass. The solar collector has a surface area of 1.6m2, mounted on a frame tilted to an angle of 7 degrees. Circulation pipes are lagged with tyro foam and synthetic leather. Performance test showed that the heater recorded a maximum temperature of 720C at an average heat gain of 24 W per hour.

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