Application of Artificial Neural Network Model in Calculation of Pressure Drop Values of Nanofluid

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Author(s) Mahmoud S. Youssef | Ayman A. Aly | El-Shafei B. Zeidan
Pages 554-561
Volume 3
Issue 5
Date May, 2013
Keywords Nanofluids, Particle volumetric concentration, Turbulent flow, Pressure drop, and Artificial neural network.


Cloud computing is currently a hyped word in IT. This paper examines the capabilities and vulnerabilities of the cloud. In particular, it examines the security issues that exist in the cloud that businesses are concerned about when moving to the cloud. Steps have been taken to standardise the cloud and provide consumers with confidence in the service. The purpose of this paper is to examine some of these security issues and provide suggested alterations to the curriculum for secure programming modules in order to resolve or reduce the impact of the issues on the client.

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