Numerical Study for Free Convection Heat Transfer Inside an Inclined Cavity with Cylindrical Obstacles

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Author(s) Khudheyer S. Mushatat
Pages 526-533
Volume 3
Issue 5
Date May, 2013
Keywords free convection, cavities, obstacles


The laminar natural convection heat transfer inside an inclined rectangular cavity containing two cylindrical obstacles has been numerically studied. The cavity was differentially heated and the values of angle of inclination was ranged from while values of the Rayleigh number was ranged form 103 to 106. A grid generation system was adopted to deal with the complexity of the studied configuration. The transformed algebraic governing equations of vorticity and energy was solved by an alternated difference scheme(ADI) while that of stream function was with iteration method. The flow and thermal characteristics are studied for different parameters such as the angle of inclination, the distance between obstacles and the Rayleigh number. The obtained results show that the rate of heat transfer is increased as angle of inclination increases. It was found the angle of inclination was a controlling factor on forming the vortices.

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