Newton Gregory Formulae for Modeling Biomechanical Systems

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Author(s) T.Srinivas Sirish | Ashmi.M | K.S.Sivanandan
Pages 534-548
Volume 3
Issue 5
Date May, 2013
Keywords Average Value based approach, Newton Gregory Formulae, Locomotion


This paper shows how Average value based approach and Newton Gregory Formulae can be used in a successful way to model the locomotion of human knee joint. A Novel modeling technique based on Average Value algorithm has been developed for a healthy human knee joint locomotion. The developed mathematical model will become a guide line for the design of drive mechanism having similar motion. The requirements of this approach are a set of reading from the real time system. In this paper we considered subjects performing gait on normal floor. The knee joint locomotion is modeled from the data acquired by means of calculating the base value and the variational components. The entire procedure is achieved through the video picture of the locomotion captured by single or multiple cameras with proper resolution. The results obtained from the proposed model and actual results of locomotion of human knee joint were giving close results.

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