Assessment of External Building Finishes: A Case Study of Selected Buildings in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

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Author(s) Aluko, Olaniyi Olanipekun | Ogunsote, Olu. Ola.
Pages 578-587
Volume 3
Issue 5
Date May, 2013
Keywords Maintenance, external finishes, climate, deterioration,defects


The multidimensional problems facing buildings in Nigeria have reached an endemic proportion. They manifest in quantitative, qualitative and also in maintenance terms. The climate across the country aids the deterioration of building materials particularly those used in the facades as there is need to extend the lifespan of these external building finishes because of the economic, health, aesthetic and structural problems being experienced by the occupants of the buildings. An increasing number of cases of poor maintenance of plastered and painted facades characterized by early and unexpected onset of defects and damage to the surface have been noticed in the study areas which has culminated into spending huge amounts of money for such maintenance activities; This paper identifies the different nature and influence of these factors in order to arrive at cost effective ways of preventing and dealing with such defects. Also it establishes the planning horizon over which the various costs that arise during the intended lifetime of the finishes are incurred. Buildings raging from residential (bungalows and multi-storey apartment) to institutional and commercial including those with mixed used that exhibited the external finishes under the changing climatic challenges were carefully observed and analysed through the use of structured questionnaires. The paper concludes by recommending continuous and regular inspection of external surfaces every ten years, provision of a thick porous coating which will give the best weather-proofing and durability results on solid walls and achievement of good and physical adhesion of rendering to the rigid substrate free from dirt, oil, grease and loose particles.

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