A New Imbedding Method for Computing all Real Solutions of Nonlinear Algebraic Equations

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Author(s) Mohammed Abdullahi | A. V. Mandarar | I. G. Bassi
Pages 1021-1024
Volume 3
Issue 11
Date November, 2013
Keywords Imbedding method,Fixed-Point and Newton Homotopies,Nonlinear Equation


The applications of nonlinear equations arise in science and engineering. A new continuation method that seeks all real solutions to single nonlinear algebraic equations is developed and analyzed. The new continuation method comprises of new homotopy function that is a combination of the fixed-point and Newton homotopies, is developed for seeking all real solutions to a single nonlinear equation f(x) = 0 without having to specify a bounded interval. Path tracking is carried out with MATLAB, using the continuation toolbox of MATCONT. The new method has been applied, without failure, to numerous nonlinear equations including those with transcendental functions.

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