Investigation into Industrial Mining Challenges and Effects

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Author(s) Kenneth O. M. Mapoka
Pages 959-963
Volume 3
Issue 11
Date November, 2013
Keywords Mining Industry, Climate change, HIV/AIDS, Control challenges, Stiction & Friction


Mining industry is one of the most recognizable sectors worldwide due to its economic prominence and dominance. It is the ultimate and indispensable pillar for almost every country’s economy. It contributes greatly to economic growth. This paper however aims at giving the panorama of challenges encountered in industrial mining sector. The sector encounters among others various adversities such as HIV/AIDS epidemic, mechanical, environmental and economic challenges. The paper instils these adversities that may discredit the reliability on this sector. It is however important to note that these adversities can contribute towards land, vegetation, water, animal, human life degradation as well as the sustainability of the sector. The paper outlines and explains each challenge in detail rather than controlling them. The compensatory measures were deferred for further study.

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