Efficient Networking of TINI for Real-Time Weather Data Logging & Deployment over Ethernet and Serial Communication Links

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Author(s) Vincent A. Akpan | Reginald O. A. Osakwe | Amaku Amaku
Pages 973-999
Volume 3
Issue 11
Date November, 2013
Keywords 1-Wire networking, distributed networking, iButton®, Java communications API, point-to-point-protocol (PPP), real-time embedded networked system, TINI TBM390, weather datalogger.


This paper presents an efficient technique for the networking of TINI for real-time weather data logging and the deployment of the acquired data over Ethernet and hard-wired serial communication links. An electronic instrumentation system for real-time measurement of three weather parameters (namely: temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure) is designed, constructed and calibrated. The weather parameters are deployed via TINI TBM390 over Ethernet and hard-wired serial links. A novel technique on how to use point-to-point-protocol (PPP) networking with TINI runtime environment for dial-up networking including detailed configuration is also demonstrated for both Linux and Microsoft Windows®XP clients. Several critical issues on the design, implementation and deployment of the proposed weather datalogger system are also presented. The comparisons of the measured and actual (true) values demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed strategy presented in this paper. Finally, all the Java programs developed to implement and demonstrate the techniques proposed in this paper are presented.

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