Design of a Plantain Chips Slicing Machine

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Author(s) Okafor, B.E., Okafor, V.C.
Pages 928-932
Volume 3
Issue 10
Date October, 2013
Keywords Plantain chips; Geneva timer; Spring-return mechanism; Maintenance; Efficiency.


A plantain chips slicing machine was designed, fabricated and tested. This is perhaps a major advancement in the development of plantain chips. A cam and spring return mechanism was used to achieve both the feeding and the slicing operations. The machine was made as simple as possible for easy repairs and maintenance. It is designed such that the machine slices one tuber of plantain over one revolution of the cam. A conveyor rolls sliced chips to a tray with the help of a Geneva drive mechanism (or timer). A variable speed pulley system was used to reduce the motor speed to desired value. Test performance gave an efficiency of 74 per cent. Further modification is in view to further improve on the efficiency.

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